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Once we are stuck, we are going to enter the MatriXroom in order to find the human answer to the question that drives us.

The MatriXroom helps us to decode the programs & the language we are using to understand how we are wired.

It supports us to live our life and the experiences we are doing consciously.

Once we understand, we can update, exchange or delete our programs.

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The MatriXroom Library

Use more than 350 videos and translate them directly to your life to study yourself.

Find out about your behavior,
your belief systems, your programs and go on the mission to complete yourself.

The MatriXroom Study Group

In our closed Telegram Group we are studying the philosophy of Thomas together.

Here we have a save place where we share the treasures & puzzle pieces we found with eachother.


MatriXroom Mentoring

The MATRIXROOM MENTORING helps you to create S P A C E to get aware of your roles & the movie you are experiencing.

It allows you to consciously step out and to support your process that you decided to do.

The MatriXroom Meditations

Thomas‘ beautiful meditations are here to support you in connecting with yourself and refining your perception.

This way, you can process the information and reorganize your body and mind.


How does Thomas work?

You can start to study immediately

Get aware of the question that brought you here and your personal need that inspires you to study.

Chose a topic as a door to your matrix
Find out what is written in your matrix.
What are your beliefs?" - Thomas Hertlein

Discover, study & play with your patterns
"Once you discover a pattern and you find it over and over again, you can start to deal & play with it." - Thomas Hertlein

Making space for new connections
"Either, you do what’s written in your matrix because this is what you believe you have to do.

Or you get to the matrix and change it.We change beliefs all the time." - Thomas Hertlein

We asked Thomas
the most important questions

Who is Thomas Hertlein?

"I get to know this Thomas Hertlein over and over again.

There were moments in my life when I was like:
This is not him at all!"

How to work with the videos?

"I would wish that you would just enjoy them, you
watch them and when you want to feel inspired
or you want to be provoked then you look at
them and see what you can find out."

What is the philosophy about?

"In my philosophy I don't have to stick with one decision but I also respect my decision.

So I guess this is a big part of what I believe that life is about."

Why do people come to you?

"I guess some people come because they hear that I do magic and I help to achieve things that seem to be impossible."

Clients Feedback

Max Görtler

"For me it's the desire to understand why things in my life may or may not happen.

For me, Thomas is a person with whom I feel safer, seen and loved than I have ever felt before and I like to describe it as a injection of consciousness"

Leire Irazu

"For me, he is a great person. I admire him.

He is a brain changer.

He helped me a lot to open my mind. To see how narrow it was and opened up so many possibilities.

He showed me many different worlds. He is a compass for me and a great man."

Tom Eiberger

"I want to discover my power. Because it feels like I have something I store inside of me which I do not let out, which I kind of protect and avoid to use fully.

It feels like, working on my topics, being in a close connection with Thomas helps me to get closer to have access to this power."

About Thomas Hertlein

Thomas Hertlein is an internationally acclaimed mentor, mediator and life coach, specialised in brain-body connections that affect the roles we play-out in business, sports and everyday life.​

Thomas works internationally with business leaders, public figures, organisations, athletes, artists and performers in entertainment.​

Through Thomas you discover the connections between the body, mind and behaviour to understand the action-reaction patterns in business, sports, health and relationships.

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